Why Producing Video Content is Necessary for Your Business

By Brandon T. Adams

November 21, 2018

I believe Video is the best way to tell a powerful story. Stories are what move people. Video allows you to see the story, hear it, and feel the emotions it gives you.

Video allows you to build trust with your audience before you even meet them in person.

I’ve had people come up to me that I’ve never met and talked to me as if they were a good friend. The reason is that they had been watching my videos for months and sometimes even years. They watched my Facebook Lives, Instagram Stories, Snapchats, and TV show Ambitious Adventures.

Video can be intimidating for many people. It intimidated me when I first started.

If you want a laugh, you can watch this video I made in 2013 to Win an Apprentice Competition. I ended up going on to win it all and $5,000 Cash.

Watch the video here: https://youtu.be/4RZw-1vh8o4

How to Get Started

As you can see above, I haven’t always been great in front of the camera. I haven’t always known what to do. But I started.

You just have to Start!!

If you have a smart phone you have no excuse to not get started.

You can start by doing:

– Facebook Live Videos

– Snapchat Videos

– Instagram Videos

In these videos, you can share your journey, what you do, and it’s your time to provide valuable advice to your audience.

You can follow my Instagram Stories at @BrandonTAdams to see what my daily video posting looks like.

I bring you into my life so you can feel like you are there with me along the way. My morning routines, workouts, meetings, Filming on set for our show, and other things that happen during my daily Grind.

Along the way, I also share valuable content that adds value to my audience.

Business Tips, Life Advice, Experiences I’ve had, etc.

If you put constant value out to the world through video, Value will come back to you in some way.

Instagram Stories — Promotional Videos, Polls for Audience, Daily Grind in the Gym

Ways to Create Video

There are many ways to create a video. As you get more comfortable creating video and want to invest more money into video content you can upgrade your Equipment/Team

iPhone — Use your phone to create videos for posting on social media and even to create your own promotional videos. The newest iPhones create high-quality content.

Cannon 70D — I’ve been using the same Cannon 70D camera since June of 2014. When I don’t have my camera crew with me I use this camera to record my keynotes and other promotional content on the road. I set this up on a tripod, press play, and it will record the basic content I need. I will edit it inside iMovie after filming.

Beginning Videographer — Find a College Kid or Starting out Videographer who wants to get experience and Credibility. They may work with you for little to no cost and help you create promotional videos that are filmed and edited on a higher level than your own editing skills.

Full Production Team — Eventually you will be ready to film full out productions that create high-quality content such as Commercials, Creative Promotional Videos, Marketing Campaigns, or Even your own TV show. My first TV show Ambitious Adventures was a high-quality show with multiple cameramen using C100s, a sound tech, lights, etc. It’s like being in Hollywood. At that point, you are spending tens of thousands of dollars and event hundreds of thousands for just a few 30-minute episodes.

Filming in Scottsdale for Success in Your City TV Series

Benefits of Producing Video Content

As I mentioned before, Producing Video content and publishing to the world allows you to build an audience and build trust with that audience.

People buy from who they Like, Trust, and Know. You build that trust over time through video content.

The more people that see you and trust you, the more people that will buy from you.

These people will be more likely to:

– Buy Your Products

– Hire you to Speak

– Mention you to their Friends — which means a bigger audience

– Want to help you in some way

As you create high-quality video content you can utilize it in:

– Email Campaigns

– Facebook Ads

– On your Profile Pages

– Website Home Pages

First impressions are everything. If you create a video that captivates someone and shares who you are, what you do, and what you stand for, you can gain instant respect from someone who is coming across your content.

I’ve used Video to:

– Raise Millions in Crowdfunding Campaigns

– Raise money for Charities

– Launch Companies

– Connect with Influencers

– Sell Tickets to Events

– Inspire and Motivate Entrepreneurs all over the World

It’s a powerful way to share your message, help a lot of people, and make a lot of money. It builds your brand and can help you become #1 in your Industry.

Ambitious Adventures Available to Watch on Amazon Prime

If you want to start producing more video content I suggest you check out my Black Friday Special this week where one of the Bonuses is access to the Video Marketing and Branding event we recorded in Nashville a few months ago.

You can learn more about it at www.SuccessinYourCity.com/BlackFriday

If you decide to take up creating video content, be sure to tag me the next time you post it online. I want to see it.

I’m sure it will be much better than my video of me kicking a boxing bag in my basement 🙂

Keep on Grinding!