What does it Really Take to Create Your own TV Show?

By Brandon T. Adams

September 15, 2018

What does it take to create your own TV Show?

My Fiancé Samantha and I are among the few who know exactly what it takes to Produce your own Show.

Samantha and I have traveled from City to City on a Mission to Redefine the Meaning of Success through amazing stories across the country.

Imagine this for a second.

  1. Each City you have to find a place to live, a great story to feature, locations to film, and Sponsors to fund the show. You have 4–6 weeks to do this.

2. Then you have to film the Episode. Take your idea in your head, what the script writer wrote, and turn it into a compelling Video and Story.

3. Once you film the episode, you have to edit it, bring it all together in a way that tells a story and keeps people engaged, and empowers them to do something.

4. After all that is done, you have to get a Distribution deal to have your work seen by a large audience.

Still, want to film your own TV Show??

You can’t do it for the money or fame. Doing it for that alone will result in failure. You MUST have something deeper inside you that drives you to find Success in this Industry.

What keeps me going is the Passion and Drive to Tell Amazing stories that the world must hear. When I want to quit, I think of that 1 person that watches our show and has their life saved, or it gives them the inspiration they needed to pursue their dreams.

Just maybe 1 of those viewers of our show will be the person who becomes the next World Leader.

As a TV Producer, my Mission is to have my Work impact others in a positive way.

That is why I do what I do. That is why I’m creating a TV Show.

What is it that you do for a living?

Why do YOU do what you DO?