The Road to the Emmys

By Brandon T. Adams

December 6, 2018

This past weekend was a historical moment in my career as a TV Host and Producer. Saturday, December 1st was the day our Team took home 2 Emmy Awards for our TV Show Success in Your City.

We received an Award for the Trailer of our Show and we received an Award for The Shea Hillenbrand Story we filmed back in January.

Now my wife and I can call ourselves Emmy Award Winning Producers!

Why does this matter?

Well, there are many things it does for your business and show. Networks and Promotional Partners take your work more seriously, You are more likely to attract sponsors, and your show and work will sound sexier.

These are all good things that come with the Award, but for me, it’s proving to everyone that we have what it takes. It’s to show how experienced we are and to let others know how committed we are to our work.

Winning an Emmy Award is not an easy task. Many People in this industry will go their entire career without winning an Emmy.

I’ve personally only been in the TV Space for 2.5 years, but what I’ve put into those 2.5 years would seem insane to any normal person. I filmed my first show, Ambitious Adventures with Greg Rollett back in mid-2016. We went on to Win an Emmy Nomination for the show and got our show on networks such as Facebook Watch, Entrepreneur Network, and Amazon Prime.

It was on December 2nd, 2017 when I had a pivotal moment and mind shift change that led me to gain a tremendous desire to not only produce my own show but to Win an Emmy Award.

December 2nd was the Emmy Awards Ceremony where we came home empty-handed. We didn’t win an Emmy For Ambitious Adventures. It devastated me. It made me feel like I wasn’t worthy enough to win. We had spent the prior 18 months working our asses off creating the show. When you put your heart and soul into something and fall short of your goal, it’s not an easy defeat to swallow.

That was the night I committed myself to do whatever it took to create an Emmy Award Winning Show.

At the Emmy Awards in 2017

A Powerful Story

A story that inspires, motivates, and emotionally touches the viewer is what people want to see. After someone watches the story on video they should feel something inside that makes them want to do more with their life or it really hits home with them and their own emotions.

Great stories show moments of adversity and failure and share how that individual or group overcame the obstacle and achieved the impossible. It’s when they Achieve things that most people would think are impossible. These stories of Success give viewers hope for achieving their own goals and going after their own dreams.

The story we featured that won an Emmy was on Shea Hillenbrand, a former 2X MLB All-Star that went from playing for the Boston Red Sox to leaving the game of baseball to spend more time with family and pursue his life-long dream of owning a zoo. Shea went from having $20 Million in the bank to 5 years later losing all his money and living out of his van. His wife left him, he lost his zoo, and he also almost lost his life to a drug overdose.

Shea had hit rock bottom and rock bottom became his defining moment that changed his life forever. He found God and went on to speak to church’s, prisons, and kids across the country. He started a nonprofit called Against All Odds, which is on a mission to assist athletes of all ages with life transitions through preparation, inspiration, and education.

Shea’s Story is Powerful and is Emmy Worthy!

Filming The Shea Hillenbrand Story that won an Emmy Award

The Production Quality

The Video content used for the story needs to be high-quality and edited in a way that tells the story in the best way possible. You must have the right Equipment, Cinematographers, and Editors. The video content we filmed this year was on C200’s which is a top of the line camera that allows you to film in many formats and has many features that allow you to capture the best footage.

Even when you have the best equipment, you still need the best cinematographers that have experience using the cameras and know how to capture the best, footage. This entire year we partnered with Shawn Vela of Vela Visuals, who has been in this industry for over a decade and has won 13 Emmy Awards in his career to date. Shawn and his team captured the necessary content to tell a powerful story.

The final piece of the puzzle is editing the video content captured. Editing will make or break the entire project. Shawn Vela and our Assistant editor Carlos Medina worked together to edit the final product. The editing process consists of using the right footage, adding in meaningful special effects, pictures, and using the right kind of music to create the emotion necessary in various aspects of the video. Music is a HUGE component of the editing process. The next time you watch a movie or tv show, notice how much the music creates emotions for you while watching.

The Production Team for the Boston Episode of Success in Your City

Once you have your powerful story put into a final video project such as a commercial, promotional asset, Documentary, or TV show, you then must submit the project into a specific category to be judged for an Emmy. We submitted in multiple categories in the Suncoast Regional Emmy Chapter.

Once you submit the project it is put through the first round of judging. If you pass the first round and go to the next, that means you are Nominated for an Emmy. The next round of Judging is where your work is determined whether it is Emmy Award Winning or not.

Whether you Win an Emmy or not, I believe Marketing is one of the most important parts of producing video content. You may have the best content in the world but if no one sees it, how is it going to make the massive impact you want it to?

Always Marketing the Show — Releasing the Show Trailer of Success in Your City in front of 250 people at Social Media Day Denver Event


Before any major show or Movie comes out on the big screen there are months of consistent marketing around the project to get people excited to watch it. It’s getting harder and harder to get viewers attention when you have constant social media ads in your face and companies like Netflix and other mainstream networks who spend tens of millions of dollars in marketing to ensure you watch their show. It’s almost impossible to go a day without seeing ads for shows like “Stranger Things”, or “House of Cards” on Netflix. With Christmas upon us, I’m constantly seeing ads on all social media platforms for the Netflix Film “The Christmas Chronicles”. Their marketing led me to watch it, and I have to say they did a great Job on it!

Once someone watches your show, they are more likely to tell their friends about it which leads to word of mouth marketing and referrals. You just have to get the initial people in the door to watch the show.

As I write this, I realize I’m giving Netflix word of mouth marketing by promoting my Great experience with “The Christmas Chronicles” Film. #WayToGoNetflix

As a TV Producer, I’m always thinking of ways to market our show and strategizing on the best route to distribute it to a major audience. I’m currently having conversations with many networks for our show Success in Your City and we are interested in networks such as Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, ABC, NBC, and more. The determining factors for us are which network is going to work with us on marketing the show the most and ensuring its content stays true to our vision around Success in Your City.

Networks want to know how they can get the most viewers and make the most money from a show. Sometimes getting that viewership and reaching revenue goals mean changing the way the show is portrayed or in our case, editing the show in a way that we aren’t 100% aligned with.

If someone offered me $10 Million to license our show tomorrow and edit it in a way that doesn’t’ align with our vision, I would turn it down in a heartbeat.

I’m on a mission to distribute video content that I believe will make a positive impact on the world, not the opposite effect.

Over the next few months, I’m meeting with networks and planning the release of our TV Series Success in Your City.

If you have interest in following our journey you can watch our trailer and stay updated at

We are excited about the future and what impact this show will have on others.

It has been a long road to achieving Emmy Award Winning Status and it’s an even longer road to the release of our show, but its a road we are going to take until the finish line.

Next Stop is the Release of Season 1.

It’s going to be an exciting ride and we hope you take it with us!


Brandon T. Adams