Brandon T. Adams


Brandon is a serial entrepreneur and crowdfunding expert. He is the co-host and Executive Producer of the Emmy®-nominated T.V. Show, Ambitious Adventures, and the Associate Producer of, Think and Grow Rich: The Legacy. Brandon founded Accelerant Media Group, Live To Grind, and Young Entrepreneur Convention. 

Samantha Rossin


Samantha is an entrepreneur and fitness expert. She has grown her brand as an online trainer with a focus on nutrition as a supplement to working out. Samantha empowers women through her story and is building a supportive community where women can encourage and support one another. Samantha has experience with event planning.

Jeff Hoffman

Executive Producer

Jeff is a proven CEO of private and public companies, as well as, a major contributor,, ColorJar, and more. Jeff serves on the boards of companies in North America, Europe, South America, Africa, and Asia, supporting entrepreneurs and small businesses in more than 150 countries.

Kevin Harrington

Executive Producer

Kevin was an original shark on the ABC hit TV show, Shark Tank. Kevin has launched over 20 businesses, each of which have grown to over $100 million in sales. He launched over 500 products, generating more than $5 billion in sales worldwide. Kevin was an original shark on Shark Tank, invented the infomercial and is the pioneer of the As Seen On TV empire. 

Shawn Vela


Shawn is a 13-time Emmy® Award-Winning Director/DP whose work has received a total of 15 Emmy® Nominations. Shawn has been recognized for filming on four Super Bowl commercial sets and co-founded the Xfinity series, David Ivory Presents.

Michael Silvestri


Michael, a CPA, is a business and brand strategy specialist and professional web developer. Michael has built over 40 websites and 10 online courses. He specializes in online applications and programs geared toward business management.