Season One

Experience inspiring stories from Scottsdale, Austin, Boston, Denver, and Nashville as Brandon and Samantha redefine success

What Does Success Mean To You?

Episode 1

Scottsdale, AZ

Samantha & Brandon travel to Scottsdale, AZ, where they meet former two-time MLB All-Star, Shea Hillenbrand.  Shea is an inspiring man who went from dominating in the major leagues, to then buying a Zoo, and eventually losing everything he had.

Today, his dream is to become a keynote speaker and inspire children to go after their dreams.  Shea wants to use his voice to give others a voice to speak up and talk about their goals and dreams.

Brandon helps Shea with his speech by flying in Kevin Harrington, international speaker and former star of ABC’s Shark Tank.  Kevin works with Shea on his speaking and gives him the idea to throw a fundraiser for the Boys & Girls Club of America, an organization that Shea wanted to incorporate into his mission. Shea loved the idea but has never run an event before.  Samantha steps in because she has put on events in the past, and decides to plan and run a fundraising event at a local chapter of the Boys & Girls Club of America.

While working with the Boys & Girls Club of America to organize the event logistics, Samantha & Brandon volunteered and connected with kids in the community. Samantha was able to teach a fitness class at the club and show them that fitness can be an outlet to find success and to become a better all-around person.

The event night has arrived and with over 120 people in attendance, Kevin Harrington warmed up the crowd.  It was then Shea’s turn to give his keynote speech.  He moved the crowd to tears by telling his vulnerable story with true passion.  The night went better than anyone could have imagined, and most importantly, over $36,000 was raised for the Boys & Girls Club of America.

The Shea Hillenbrand Story

Opening Sequence

Episode 2

Austin, TX

Samantha & Brandon travel to Austin, TX, where they meet Ricky and KodiKay Cain, who built their real estate team, The Cain Team, into a powerhouse group of individuals on track to sell 250 homes in 2018.

Both Ricky and KodiKay started with nothing and rose to success.  As active members of their community, they started the nonprofit, Cain Cares, to provide financial support and home renovations to locals in need from their home county.  For each home that a member of The Cain Team sells, a percentage of the profit goes to Cain Cares.

Samantha & Brandon step in to help out Ricky and KodiKay with their mission. They work with The Cain Team to put on a fundraiser for Cain Cares, to raise money for their first home renovation project.  Samantha takes charge and runs the event in a short period of time, while Brandon uses his network and crowdfunding experience to ensure enough money is raised.

As the couples bond, Brandon works with Ricky to create an online show and Samantha holds KodiKay accountable with her fitness and health.

The Cain Cares event is a success and enough money is raised to renovate a home in the local county.  Over 20 people volunteer to update an elderly couple’s home.  After two days of hard work, volunteers installed new wood flooring, painted bedroom walls, built a fence, replaced shingles on the roof, updated the landscaping, and completely cleaned out the house.  The couple was on the verge of tears at the thought of people coming together just to improve their quality of life.

The Cain Team

Episode 3

Boston, MA

Samantha & Brandon travel to Boston, MA, where they meet David France, the innovative educator and Executive Director of Revolution of Hope.  David uses his orchestra as a platform to help youth excel through music and other areas of their life.

Seven years ago, David moved to Boston with a dream to start an orchestra and encourage others to use music as a vehicle to find success.  Once homeless and playing in the subway for money, David now runs a growing orchestra that is now one of the top youth orchestras in the nation.

Samantha and Brandon learn from David on how he created an orchestra from nothing.  In the process, they get an inside look into his life where he lives on very little money.  David’s resourcefulness and ability to live with frugally gives Samantha and Brandon a new outlook on life.  They experience a day in David’s life by following him around the city and also meeting influential people.  They even make a stop where David plays the violin in the street for money.

David and his students teach Brandon how to play the violin.  They show him what it is like to be a part of an orchestra.

David throws his famous Baller Dinner and invites all of his influential friends to connect and build relationships over some homecooked pizza.  The night ends with David sharing stories and one of the guests playing the violin.

Samantha and Brandon leave the city with an entirely new outlook on life, money, success, and creating something from nothing.  They end up selling their home, and get rid of all of the things that don’t matter in life.

The David France Story

Episode 4

Denver, CO

Samantha and Brandon travel to Denver, CO, where they meet Jourdan and Marie, two fitness enthusiasts and personal trainers.  Samantha comes from a similar background, so the three immediately connect.

Marie invites Samantha to join in with her and her two clients for a private meetup.  The two clients end up being a mother and daughter who are utilizing fitness techniques for different areas of their lives.  The mother uses exercises to maintain flexibility and mobility, while the daughter uses exercises to improve her core and posture for her piano playing.

Jourdan invites Samantha on a bike ride to explore the mountainous beauty of Denver.  While taking a break, they connect on a deeper level and Jourdan convinces Samantha to share her store to give strength to others.

Jourdan shares her story with Samantha at the local hospital where her husband was admitted the week of their wedding.  Treated for pneumonia, her husband was unable to leave the premises and the couple decided to still get married right there on the hospital grounds.  Even though everyone faces hardships, Jourdan and her husband showed that you have to fight through it.

The two couples share a workout to get to know each other on a deeper level.  It is nice for Samantha and Brandon to find another couple who loves to incorporate fitness into their daily lives.

Jourdan invites Samantha and Marie to join the class for a workout at her gym.  After the class, the women who participated connected on a deeper level and shared empowering stories from their past that makes them who they are today.

Brandon and Samantha leave Denver with a new appreciation for the power of fitness and the power of sharing your story with the world.

Episode Intro

Episode 5

Nashville, TN

In the season finale, Samantha & Brandon travel to Nashville, TN, where they meet Faydra Lagro, a talented country singer and musician. When Samantha & Brandon first started dating, they met Faydra in Nashville as she was performing on Broadway.  Years later, she still inspires them.  

Faydra shows us what the day-to-day is like for an aspiring star in the music capital of the world.  From recording sessions to live performances, we get a glimpse into her world.  

Faydra helps Samantha get ready for her big wedding day in a few weeks and gives her the encouragement she needs to calm her nerves. 

Samantha & Brandon work with a wedding planner to get all of the finishing touches ready to go for their big day and guests begin arriving.  As nervous and excited as they are, they are humbled by the support of their closest friends and family on their most special day.  

Faydra makes a guest appearance at their wedding reception and sings a few songs for the newlyweds.  

The wedding went exactly as Samantha was hoping.  Samantha & Brandon wrap up this chapter of their life and look forward to what is to come.  

The Faydra Lagro Story

Samantha & Brandon’s Wedding