Scottsdale Featured Entrepreneur

Shea Hillenbrand

Shea is an entrepreneur, speaker, philanthropist, real estate agent, and former professional baseball player.

While growing his brand in multiple industries, Shea managed to start and run his own foundation, called Against All Odds, where he helps to transform our youth, one swing at a time.

With over 15 years of experience as a real estate agent, Shea has developed a reputation for reliability and trustfulness in the Pheonix area.

Shea is now a member of the professional speaking circuit, where he shares his story from being a professional baseball player to growing a life around his passion to help today’s youth.

Against All Odds

Shea Hillenbrand’s Against All Odds Foundation (AAO) believes in challenging the status quo. The way we challenge the status quo is by providing youth with with mind stimulating physical activities that positively change their state of mind, connect youth with their true story, and provide strategies to assist in formulating a massive action plan (MAP) ensuring a breakthrough in their lives. A MAP goes beyond simple goal setting. Every step of the way, AAO will help change the emotional meaning behind these activities, in return, will form a stronger link back to original dreams and visions making it more likely to succeed. AAO inspires youth to make positive lasting changes in their lives. Ultimately, this is what defines a one’s life and the person he/she becomes.We just happen to have great programs.

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