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Want to be a Sponsor and Get National Exposure?

We are sharing our journey through weekly videos and posts on social media.  As we travel the country, we are also making valuable connections and coming across people who may need your services.  If you sponsor an episode(s), we will help get exposure for your business or products and make sure your investment with us will have a great return.

Want to be a Premiere Sponsor of an Episode of the show?

  1. Highlighted as one of the Sponsors of the Entrepreneur Featured and City
    • Listed as Sponsor for Episode on Website
    • Listed as Sponsor in Credits of Episode
  2. Be filmed in a scene that will be included in the show
  3. Receive an edited, on-camera interview, highlighting your story and business
    • This digital asset will be given to you to use for marketing and branding purposes
    • This on-camera interview will be shown on the Website

For more details on deliverables and pricing, contact us!

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