How to TRAIN for Success

By Brandon T. Adams

November 10, 2018

What is the Definition of Success?

Success has many Forms.

  • Money
  • Power
  • Fame
  • Love

This list can go on and on. Everyone has their own reasons for achieving their own Success and what one person views as Success, another may not.

Only you can decide YOUR own version of Success.

I’ve been an entrepreneur my entire life and have been through the trenches of building companies, creating a personal brand online, and working with the best in the world from Billionaires, Celebrities, Athletes, Marketers, Movie Stars, Real Estate Agents, and Entrepreneurs from all backgrounds.

My experience and work have led me to write Books, Podcasting, Speaking, Producing and Hosting TV Shows and Sharing my knowledge with the world.

This past year has been the biggest challenge I have encountered so far in my life.

Samantha (my wife now) and I traveled the country and lived in 5 cities while filming a TV Series called Success in Your City. In each city, we learned from amazing individuals who have found their own version of Success and have had their own obstacles along the way.

You can watch the trailer of the show here.

We featured a Professional Athlete turned Speaker, a Real Estate Team who is giving back to the community, a person who went from homeless to building an orchestra, woman who are empowering others in the fitness arena, and a country singer who is making her way to the main stage in Nashville.

Along the way, the TV Show took a look at what Samantha and I viewed as Success and how it changed along the way as we met these amazing people.

I will be honest, during this journey I started to Question if I was a Success. If I was even living my own version of Success. It was tough and played with both of our emotions. We had ups and downs along the way, but we made it out alive with a mission accomplished and a TV show filmed.

We figured out what Success really meant from many different perspectives.

We also ended out the Season and Journey with our Marriage. Our own true version of Success. LOVE!

The Kiss to Make it Official

We also found out that relationships are very important to us. Who we work with, interact with on a regular basis, and who helps us achieve our own Success. Our mentors, our Producers, our Sponsors, our Director, our Cinematographers, and everyone who has been there supporting us on this journey.

The Success in Your City Team

Who you surround yourself with will ultimately determine your future success and your happiness in life.

It really is true when people say you are who you surround yourself with. Be careful who you let in your inner circle.

Our Wedding was a Success and my Bride had the Wedding she had always dreamed of. And I even got to capture the wedding for the finale of our show 🙂

Me Filming our Dancing with a C200

Now that filming the show is over we have settled in 1 city for at least the time being. We currently live in Minneapolis, MN. It’s the first time this year I have been in a city where it’s cold. Success to me in Minnesota is staying warm… But Really.

Since settling in Minneapolis I have already traveled to Los Angeles to Keynote an Event. I decided to give a new talk which was titled “How to TRAIN for Success”.

The talk went way better then I could’ve imagined and I got a standing ovation. I even spent another hour afterward taking pictures and being welcomed by people who were blown away by my talk. It occurred to me that what I have learned and experienced over the past year and even 5 years is something most people will never experience in their lifetime.

That is Why I’m on a Mission to spread this message with the world.

I’ve created a Success formula that anyone can apply and utilize in their life whether that is for business goals, life goals, health goals, etc. I’ve personally applied it to all areas of my life, even the time Samantha and I broke up. I had to apply this formula to get her back 🙂 #TrueStory #WeareMarriedNow

T.R.A.I.N. is the acronym to easily remember my Success formula.

T — Take ACTION!! — Make Things Happen and Follow up

Taking Action toward your goals and always following up with opportunities. This is the biggest area where people slack. They don’t get started. When Samantha and I had the idea to Travel the country and film a TV show, people thought we were crazy. Even we did. We had no idea what would happen but we found out by packing up our Tahoe, and driving across the country to our first city. We jumped right in and never looked back.

R — Relationships — Build Your Inner Circle and Invest in Others

The people who you invest your time and money in are the people who will either help you or discourage you from achieving your goals. 5 years ago I understood the power of relationships and started investing in them. I hired mentors, booked speakers to keynote my events, I flew across the country to meet with people to build a relationship and I did whatever it took to build my inner circle. That allowed me to get the right people to join my team for Success in Your City. My director was someone I worked with for my previous show with Greg Rollett called Ambitious Adventures. Our Executive Producers are Kevin Harrington and Jeff Hoffman who were people who I had speak at my Event Young Entrepreneur Convention 3 years ago. Those relationships became my team to create a show and help me create my own version of success.

A — Add Value — Add Massive Value to Others

The more Value you put out into the world the more you will get back. Add value in your relationships, in your products, in whatever it is you offer. The more valuable you become as a person the more people you will attract. During our journey traveling the country, I added massive value to People through my knowledge, resources, and connections. This led to Sponsorships for the show, finding our featured stories, and meeting some of the most influential and talented people in each city.

I — Investing — Invest in Relationships, Knowledge, and Your Brand.

Over the past 3 years alone I have invested over $350,000 in the combination of Relationships, Knowledge, and my Brand. This has given me the opportunity to create my own TV show. I’ve attended events, paid for mentors, read books, and invested A LOT of money into my own video content and Shows.

N — Never Giving up — Don’t EVER Quit, Just Keep Going

The quickest way to failure is Quitting. You must NEVER quit. Even in the darkest times, you have to keep going. Napoleon Hill says our brightest times are just beyond our darkest times. This is soo true. I’ve had many low moments in my entrepreneurial career and have found that some of my biggest wins have happened right after the times I wanted to give up but didn’t. I’ve had these moments this year while traveling and filming Success in Your City, but I never gave in to my negative thoughts. I just kept going and it was well worth it.

I’m glad we kept going because it resulted in helping many people across the country, filming Season 1 of a TV show that will positively impact Millions, and recently having the show being Nominated for 2 Emmys.

What’s Next on this Success Journey

The journey never stops. Success comes during the journey and enjoying every moment of it.

We currently are in Post-Production for the show and working to find the best distribution channel for our show. We are looking at networks like Netflix, NBC, ABC, Amazon Prime, Hulu, and more.

Next year we are not only releasing the show but we are planning exclusive theater releases, events, and a speaking tour around Success. With this, we are also looking at the production of Season 2.

We are excited for the journey ahead and the Success we will have in our own lives and the Success we will help others find.

As this journey continues we are always looking for others to join us with the show. If you are wanting to get involved as a sponsor, marketing partner, or anyone who has ideas on how to help us reach more people with this show, let me know.

I want to hear from you.

I hope to eventually come to your city and help you find your own version of Success!

Heres to Your Success!



PS I created a Success Blueprint for you to follow and implement. If you are interested you can check it out here.