How Marriage and Business are Similar

By Brandon T. Adams

October 10, 2018

I’ve been doing A LOT of thinking lately and Looking back on my life over the past 5 years as I go into my Wedding Week.

I get Married in just 3 Days!!!

It’s still hard to believe. Over the coming days, 150 of my closest friends, family, and Business Partners will be in Nashville to experience our Wedding.

So many emotions are going on right now in my head, but as I think about everything, I’m really thinking about how marriage relates to Business.

No, I’m not married yet, but I do know what it’s like to be in a Successful Relationship for a long period of time, and I have been getting Plenty of Advice lately from people who have been married for 20–30 years plus.

Here is how I look at it:


1) Add Value to the Relationship — In a Relationship, you must always be adding value to the other person. What I mean by that is giving your attention to them, helping them, making them feel special, taking them out on dates and treating every date as if it’s your first date. If you aren’t making each other’s life better in some way or helping each other get better, I don’t feel like it’s a real relationship.

2) Collaborate and Mastermind — Samantha and I are always Brainstorming ways to achieve goals together as a couple but also ways to achieve our own individual goals. Two minds really are better than one. Studies show that one’s significant other will be the biggest positive or negative impact on one’s life. Entrepreneurs like Henry Ford, Abraham Lincoln, Napoleon Hill, and Grant Cardone all have had a massive amount of success due to the woman of influence in their life.

3) Communication and Being on the Same Page — In a Relationship, you must always be communicating things together. Make sure you are on the same page. In 2015 Samantha and I broke up for 10 months due to my lack of communication in our relationship. I was all about my Business goals and Success and didn’t communicate with her. This led to our temporary break up. I found out that I was much happier and way more successful when we communicated our life and goals and were always on the same page. Everything I do in life and Business I make sure to get her insight and communicate with her before making a decision. We make decisions together now!

June 2014 — Pitching Arctic Stick at Shark Tank Casting in Des Moines, IA.
February 2017 — At the Premiere of Ambitious Adventures in Orlando, FL.
June 2018 — Filming in Denver for Episode 4 of Success in Your City TV Series


1) Add Value to the Relationship — In Business, you must always be adding value to the Business itself, Your Clients, or Your Inner Circle of Mentors and Associates. To make a Business Succeed everyone on the team must be using their talents and expertise to make it better, otherwise, you aren’t a good fit for the business. The Same goes for Clients and Mentors. If you provide great value they will keep coming back to you or they will continue to help you on your journey in Business.

2) Collaborate and Mastermind — It is proven that when 2 or more minds are brought together and collaborate on a common goal in mind, they can create ideas and strategies to achieve that goal that 1 mind can’t. Every day I’m getting feedback on ideas and masterminding with Business Partners, Mentors, and Individuals in my Inner Circle. Different perspectives on BIG decisions can help you make the right decision.

3) Communication and Being on the Same Page — Always be communicating with your team and Business partners your goals and vision. Make sure they understand it and are on the same page with you. Lack of Communication can result in a break up of a Business Relationship or failing to hit goals. It is also vital to Communicate Clearly with your clients on expectations and what you are doing to help them, and how that will help them in the future. Make sure you both are on the same page. What you are thinking could be totally different than what your client is thinking for an outcome of a Project you work on together.

There are many ups and downs in Business and Relationships, and if you just keep going you will find Success.

The Lowest of Lows and the Highest of Highest are what form you as a person in Business and also as a Couple.

I’ve learned this through my current relationship and all the business endeavors I have gone through in my lifetime.

If you want to listen to my entire thought process on this topic you can listen to it on my most recent podcast episode 378 How Marriage and Business is Similar.

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After this Article is Published I will be going into Wedding Mode!

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I wish you all Success in Business, Marriage, and Life.

Keep Grinding and Going After your Dreams!

Here’s to Your Success!