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Do you want to be the featured entrepreneur in your city?

Would you like to grow your brand in a way that is different from others in your industry? Apply to be the Featured Entrepreneur on Success In Your City.  By working with us, you will make connections that you wouldn’t have otherwise had and will walk away with professional digital assets that you can use for years to promote yourself and your business.

We are striving to help an entrepreneur in each city to make a transformation in business and in life.  If you would be interested in learning more about this opportunity, contact us.


    1. Be the Featured Entrepreneur for the episode (22-30 Minute Episode)
      • Minimum 2 days filming on camera with Emmy Award Winning film crew
      • Episode will be in Season 1 of Success in Your City and be pitched to major Networks
      • Sizzle clips of the show will be marketed throughout 2018, until the launch of Season 1
    2. Two to Three Minute Sizzle Created for Entrepreneur (will be finished within 60 days of filming)
    3. Two to Three Minute Promo video of the episode to promote throughout 2018
    4. One month of consulting from Brandon T. Adams
      • Minimum of 4 in-person meetings during month of Filming
      • Access via Email, Text, Phone during month of Filming
    5. Feature in Accelerant Magazine
    6. Featured on Brandon’s Live To Grind podcast show
    7. Mentorship and Guidance from Mentors/Sponsors of the show during month of filming

For more details on deliverables and pricing, contact us!

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