Success in Your City
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October 24th Scottsdale, AZ
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The Success Journey
December 27th, 2017 Brandon and Samantha started on a journey across the country to find out the true meaning of Success. Their first stop was Scottsdale, AZ to learn from Shea Hillenbrand, a Former 2X MLB All-Star who went from the Top of his Game to losing it all, then Rising back to the Top.

After Scottsdale, they traveled to 4 other cities around the country and filmed a 5-part Series around Success.  Along the way, they sold their house, 99% of their belongings, sold 2 businesses, and even got married in the process.

Finally, they are bringing this TV Series to YOU and will be sharing the premiere of Episode 1 at the Road House Theater on Thursday, October 24th.
Success in Your City

Success In Your City follows the journey of Brandon & Samantha, a newly engaged couple from middle America. Before they tie the knot, Brandon and Sam set out to discover the meaning of “SUCCESS”. Hoping to give their marriage a strong foundation, Brandon and Sam become a part of 5 stories across the country that will change the way you view Success.
Against All Odds 
The Shea Hillenbrand Story
Samantha & Brandon travel to Scottsdale, AZ, where they meet former two-time MLB All-Star, Shea Hillenbrand. Shea is an inspiring man who went from dominating in the major leagues, to then buying a Zoo, and eventually losing everything he had.

Today, his dream is to become a keynote speaker and inspire children to go after their dreams. Shea wants to use his voice to give others a voice to speak up and talk about their goals and dreams.

Brandon helps Shea with his speech by flying in Kevin Harrington, international speaker and former star of ABC’s Shark Tank. Kevin works with Shea on his speaking and gives him the idea to throw a fundraiser for the Boys & Girls Club of America, an organization that Shea wanted to incorporate into his mission. 

Samantha and other community leaders step in to help plan and run a fundraising event at a local chapter of the Boys & Girls Club of America.

While working with the Boys & Girls Club of America to organize the event logistics, Samantha & Brandon volunteered and connected with kids in the community. Samantha was able to teach a fitness class at the club and show them that fitness can be an outlet to find success and to become a better all-around person.

In this episode of Success in Your City you will get an inside look into Shea Hillenbrands story and how he was able to overcome his obstacles in life and work towards becoming a Keynote Speaker.

Along the way you will see inside the life of Brandon and Samantha as they work to help shea and also put on a fundraiser for the Boys & Girls Club of America.

After watching this episode you will see that money, power, and fame alone won't make you happy, and you will realize the importance of not losing your identity while pursuing your own mission in life.

This episode will give you an entirely different perspective on what Success really means...
Walk the Red Carpet
Walk the Red Carpet and Take Pictures with Cast & Crew

Cocktail Hour
Cocktail hour will be before and After Showing
Network with the Cast & Crew and other Experts in Real Estate, Marketing, TV, and More.

Theater VIP Experience
Watch the Show in comfortable chairs while having the ability to order Drinks and Popcorn while sitting at your seat.

See Behind the Scenes
Learn from the Team what it took to Create a TV Series and learn what they Discovered about SUCCESS!

Success in Your City Theater Premiere
Networking, Drinks, Red Carpet, Exclusive Showing, and Q & A to Follow
General Admission
  • ​General Admission Theater Room
  • ​Access to Walk the Red Carpet
  • ​Networking Cocktail Hour
  • ​Signed Copy of the Book "The Road to Success" by Brandon & Samantha
  • ​***GA Admission is a Seperate Theater Room than the VIP Theater. We have 2 Theater Rooms for Showing. If you are Thinking about VIP, Don't Wait. OUR VIP THEATER WILL SELL OUT THIS WEEK!
VIP Admission
  • ​VIP Theater Room and Q & A to Follow with Cast & Crew
  • ​Access to Walk the Red Carpet
  • ​Networking Cocktail Hour
  • ​Signed Copy of the Book "The Road to Success" by Brandon & Samantha
  • ​Access to Video Marketing and Branding Training ($297 Value) (Will Receive Access to Training upon purchase of Ticket)
VIP + Mastermind
  • ​VIP Theater Room and Q & A to Follow with Cast & Crew
  • ​VIP Seating in Cast & Crew Section
  • ​Access to Walk the Red Carpet
  • ​Networking Cocktail Hour
  • ​Signed Copy of the Book "The Road to Success" by Brandon & Samantha
  • ​Access to Video Marketing and Branding Training ($297 Value) (Will Receive Access to Training upon purchase of Ticket)
  • ​Access to VIP Mastermind on October 25th with Brandon, Samantha, and other Guests! (More Details Below) ($797 Value)
  • ​***ALMOST SOLD OUT*** Don't Risk losing Access to VIP Seating & Mastermind!
Our Promise to YOU!
We know this Event will be a great experience that will give you Connections, Entertainment, Knowledge in Producing TV, and a better understanding about your own version of Success.

If you Feel like you didn't get the value you deserve, let us know and we will make it right with you.
Against All Odds Foundation
10% of each ticket sale will go directly to the Against All Odds Foundation which is a 501(c)(3) non profit foundation founded by 2-time MLB ALL-Star Shea Hillenbrand.
         At Against All Odds (AAO), they have many engaging and rewarding youth programs.  AAO believes in challenging the status quo by providing you with physical activities that allow you to positively change your state of mind, connect you with your true story, and provide you strategies to create your massive action plan (MAP) ensuring a breakthrough in your life. 
Theater Premiere Schedule
Thursday October 24th

  • 6:15 pm - 7:30 pm: Walk the Red Carpet - Networking and Drinks
  • 7:30 pm - 7:45 pm: Introduction by Brandon T. Adams and Samantha Rossin (Only in VIP Theater)
  • ​7:45 pm - 8:30 pm: Showing of Episode 1 of Success in Your City: Against All Odds - The Shea Hillenbrand Story
  • 8:30 pm - 9:00 pm: Cast & Crew Q & A: Learn How they Produced the Show and what they learned about Success along the way. (Only in VIP Theater)
  • 9:00 pm - 10:30 pm: Drinks and After Party
VIP Mastermind Schedule
Friday October 25th

  • 8:45 am - 9:15 am: Networking and Coffee (Coffee Provided)
  • 9:15 am - 9:30 am: Introduction by Brandon T. Adams and Samantha Rossin
  • 9:30 am - 10:30 am: What is Success? Brandon and Samantha Share what they learned about Success during their journey in 2018 while traveling the country and learning from Success Stories.  Health, Fitness, Relationships, and Making Powerful Connections in Business.
  • 10:30 am - 12:00 pm: Brandon T. Adams will be sharing ways to utilize the Power of Social Media to help your business grow and also will talk share Video Marketing Strategies to help you build your brand, influence, and impact while attracting more qualified leads for your Business.
  • 12:00 pm - 12:30 pm: Networking Lunch (Lunch is Provided)
  • 12:30 pm - 1:30 pm: Special Guest Speaker
  • 1:30 pm - 2:30 pm: Shawn Vela - Your Story is Your Success. Shawn will walk you through the exact steps he used when bringing out the stories of individuals who were featured on Success in Your City.  He will share with you how you can share your story with the world effectively.
  • 2:30 - 3:00 pm: Final Message and Next Steps for Achieving your own Version of Success.
Meet the Cast & Crew
Brandon T. Adams
  • ​Co-Host of Success In Your City
  • ​Co-Founder of Accelerant Media Group
  • ​Helping Entrepreneurs Build Brand, Influence, and Impact through Video Marketing
Samantha Rossin
  • ​Co-Host of Success In Your City
  • ​Fitness Expert
  • ​Passion is to inspire women to take obstacles they have dealt with or are dealing with and use them as fuel to succeed in living a happy and healthy lifestyle. 
Kevin Harrington
  • ​Executive Producer of Success in Your City
  • ​Original "Shark" on ABC's Shark Tank
  • ​The inventor of the Infomercial
Shea Hillenbrand
  • ​Featured Story in Success in Your City
  • ​Former MLB All-Star and Professional Baseball Player
  • ​Founder of Against All Odds Foundation
Jeff Hoffman
  • ​Executive Producer of Success in Your City
  • ​Co-Founder of
  • ​Hollywood TV Producer
Shawn Vela
  • ​Director of Success in Your City
  • ​13X Emmy Award Winner
  • ​Founder of Vela Visuals
Mike Silvestri
  • ​Producer of Success in Your City
  • ​Co-Founder of Accelerant Media Group
  • ​Emmy Award Winning Producer
Mandi Monaghan
  • ​Associate Producer of Success in Your City
  • ​Co-Founder of The Monaghan Group
  • ​Real Estate Agent/Coach
Rich Barker
  • ​Associate Producer of Success in Your City
  • ​Founder of The Barker Team
  • Real Estate Agent/Broker
Michelle Schwartz
  • ​Associate Producer of Success in Your City
  • ​SVP & Leader of Arizona State Operations & Sales for Old Republic Title
  • Serving the Real Estate Industry
Tom Ross
  • ​Associate Producer of Success in Your City
  • ​Bay Equity Home Loans 
  • The Ross Team
Scott Kiburz
  • ​Associate Producer of Success in Your City
  • ​Keller Williams Biltmore Partners
  • ​Real Estate Agent/Broker
Tom Ross
Michelle Schwartz
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Samantha & Brandon have been on the rollercoaster ride of entrepreneurship together since 2013. In 2014, they moved to Des Moines, Iowa, to start a product development company, but quickly migrated away from that business and each embarked on separate entrepreneurial ventures. 

Five years later, Brandon has become an influential podcaster, keynote speaker, and Media Expert.  He has also become a Co-Star and Associate Producer of the Movie Think and Grow Rich The Legacy.

Samantha has grown her influence in the fitness world and has become an online personal trainer. She has worked with woman to achieve their fitness goals through 1-on-1 training, group classes, and in home training programs. She has also worked with Brandon to plan Entrepreneurial and Charity events across the country in 2018. 

Brandon and Samantha spent all of 2018 Traveling the country on a mission to find the true meaning of Success. They lived in 6 cities and traveled to dozens of others interviewing others about their own meaning of Success. They also filmed Season 1 of the TV Series Success in Your City which recently won an Emmy Award for the Trailer of the Show and the Shea Hillenbrand Story: Against All Odds.  

They are excited of be sharing this show with you on October 24th in Scottsdale, AZ at the Road House Theater!
Brandon T. Adams
Samantha Rossin
A Message from our Hosts
Pictures from Filming in Scottsdale, AZ
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