Are you Looking to Achieve Success in Business, Life, and Love?
6-Week Success Challenge
Your Success Journey 
Begins In:
1st Place Wins a Trophy & $1,000 Cash Prize
The Success Challenge Starts April 22nd
This Program is an Investment of Time and Money and isn't for Everyone.
(Only Apply if You are Serious about your Success)
Who is the Success Challenge Perfect for?
  •  Entrepreneurs
  •  Corporate Executives
  •  Real Estate Agents
  •  Small Business owners
  •  Podcasters
  •  Keynote Speakers
  •  Coachs 
  •  Authors
  •  Event Coordinators
  •  Aspiring TV Hosts/Actors
All of 2018 Brandon and Samantha traveled the country on a mission to discover the truth about success and what it takes to be a Success in various forms.

After living in 6 cities across the country and learning from various stories of Success they have learned what success means for individuals in different backgrounds.

During this 12 month journey they also Sold their House in Iowa, Sold 99% of their material things, Sold 2 Companies, Got Married, and Filmed a TV Series around Success that recently won 2 Emmy Awards.

Brandon and Samantha created the 6-week Success Challenge to help YOU Achieve your own version of Success.

In this 6-week intensive program they will hold you accountable on your journey to achieving your own version of success and will coach you and help you overcome obstacles that stand in your way.  
Our mission is to help you Achieve your own Version of Success and hold you accountable in achieving your biggest goals in just 6-weeks!
  •  Success Kick-off: 1-hour Strategy Call with Brandon to go over goals and plan for 6-week challenge prior to Start Date ($997 Value)
  •  Success Blueprint: Customized 6 week Blueprint catered to you. You will use this to stay on track during challenge and use to track your progress ($497 Value)
  •  Business Coaching Calls: Weekly 1-on-1 Coaching calls with Brandon (6 - 30-minute Video Calls) ($2,997 Value)
  •  Health & Fitness Support: Samantha will work with you to incorporate a fitness plan for you to follow during the 6-week program and will be available for guidance and support to ensure you stay on track ($2,997 Value)
  •  Mastermind Group: Weekly Video Conference Mastermind calls with Brandon, Samantha, and the Group to get feedback and support to achieve your goals each week ( 6 - 60-90 Minute Video Calls) ($3,997 Value)
  •  LIVE Classes in FB Group: Weekly Facebook LIVE will be inside Private Facebook Group. Brandon and/or Samantha will teach the class and you will have the chance to ask questions. (6 - 60-minute Classes) ($2,497 Value)
  •  Access to Private FB Group: Access to Facebook group to ask Brandon and Samantha Questions and to get weekly Facebook Lives sharing Tips and Advice each week of 6-week program ($297 Value)
  •  Success Academy: Membership to Success Academy where you will get access to current and future Courses and Education ($797 Value)
  •  Certification of Completion: Upon Completing 6-week program you will be sent a Certifcate showing your Completition of Challenge and Recognizing you for your Success (Priceless)
  •             TOTAL VALUE OVER                        $15,076
  •   Total Cost is ONLY $3,997 or 2 payments of $2,125 (Future 6-Week Programs will increase to $4,997)
Weekly Schedule & Education

Start Date is April 22nd

1-on-1 Kickoff Calls - Individual Goal Setting of Challenge: April 15 - 21

Week 1 - Goal Setting & Mindset: April 22 - 28

Week 2 - Health & Fitness: April 29 - May 5

Week 3 - Building Relationships and Valuable Connections: May 6 - 12

Week 4 - Social Media Marketing: May 13 - 19

Week 5 - Marketing & Branding: May 20 - 26

Week 6 - Selling your Product and Services: May 27 - June 3

Success Awards Ceremony on June 3rd

Week 1 
Goal Setting & Mindset
Before you set out to accomplish your goals you need to know exactly what your goals are and You need to create a Step by Step System to follow and stay accountable to during  the 6-week program.  Mindset plays a big part in this as well and Brandon and Samantha will help put you in the right mindset needed to accomplish your goals.
  •  Learn: Brandon and Samantha will share proven Goal Setting Strategies you can use in accomplishing your own goals.  They will also keep you in the right mindset needed to achieve them.  They will share with you the same strategies they have applied while traveling the country, putting on events in each city, running businesses, and filming their own TV Show which resulted in making them Emmy Award Winning Producers.
  •  Experience: During the LIVE Class you will learn productivity hacks and goal setting tactics to use during the program. During your 1-on-1 Call Brandon will walk through your goals and work with you to create sound strategies to follow. While on the Group Mastermind Call you will get feedback from group and insight that will help you solidify your plan.
  •  Walk Away With: You will have a Strategic Plan (Written Document) with Specific Daily Tasks to Implement towards your goals and You will have Brandon and Samantha there with you along the way to hold you accountable.
Week 2 
Health & Fitness 
Your Mind and Body is the most valuable Asset you will ever have. In order for you to perform at at your peak potential you will need to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  Brandon and Samantha will share how they were able to maintain a healthy lifestyle while on the road all of 2018, and how you can apply the same habits in your life to maintain your own healthy lifestyle.
  •  Learn: Samantha is a ACE Certified Personal Trainer who has been in the industry for 5 years doing 1-on-1 Training, Group Classes, in home training, and online personal training.  Brandon has been active in sports and fitness over the past 15 years playing sports such as football, basketball, Rugby, and even heavy weight training.  Fitness & Health has been a HUGE part of their Success and they want to share with you their experiences and also help you get on track with your own Health & Fitness Goals.
  •  Experience: During the LIVE Class Samantha will share different workout routines to implement on your own schedule that is right for you and she will share food recipes.  During your 1-on-1 Call Brandon and Samantha will work with you to make a fitness plan that is right for you.  While on the Group Mastermind Call everyone will share their own experiences with fitness and give ideas for the group to utilize on their own time.
  •  Walk Away With: You will have workouts to follow in your regular routine and recipe options for cooking meals.  Samantha will be available to answer your questions in the FB Group to ensure you are doing the right things during your fitness journey.
Week 3 
Building Relationships and Valuable Connections
You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with. These people could be your Mentors, Business Partners, Business Associates, Friends, or your Significant other.  There are Strategies to attract the right people to your inner circle and also ways to connect with VIPs who can help support you and achieving your goals.
  •  Learn: Brandon has built his career and brand around powerful relationships and connecting and working with celebrities and influencers in various industries.  Brandon will share with you the exact strategies he has used to work with and gain mentorship from people such as Kevin Harrington "Original Shark on Shark Tank", John Lee Dumas "Host of Entrepreneur on Fire", and how he has worked with organizations such as The Napoleon Hill Foundation and XPRIZE.
  •  Experience: During the LIVE Class Brandon will share specific case studies where he has connected with various influencers, and he will show you the steps from beginning to end what he did to gain the relationships and how they turned into partnerships that led to Revenue. During your 1-on-1 Call Brandon will work with you to create reach out strategies that you will apply to connect with influencers or VIPs that you desire to work with.  While on the Group Mastermind Call everyone will find ways to connect each other with their desired persons of interest.  In a Powerful group like this you will have a much better chance to reach your desired contacts.
  •  Walk Away With: The LIVE Class will be recorded along with the Group Mastermind Call which you will always have access to in the Membership area.  You will also have a step by step system for you to follow for reaching out to the contacts you desire to collaborate and connect with.
Week 4
Social Media Marketing
Social Media has become a Big part of our lives. It's where the eyeballs are and where many sales are being made.  Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, LinkedIn, and the list goes on.  How you portray yourself on social media will decide who follows you and eventually buys from you.  Brandon and Samantha will share how they have utilized social media in their own businesses and also hows it's been a key component to producing their TV Show which ultimately led to winning Emmy Awards.
  •  Learn: Brandon will share with you tactics you can use in Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and more to communicate your business with the world and show you how to turn your followers into customers who buy your products or services.  Brandon has utilized social media to build his own brand and has worked with many celebrities and influencers to utilize their social media following to generate multi-6-figures in Revenue in less than 30 days.  Brandon will share the Tactics used in the Success of the Freedom Journal Campaign ($453,000 in Sales in 33 days), Think and Grow Rich The Legacy Campaign ($370,000 in 60 days), and Strategies used to self-fund 2 TV Shows, and launch 3 different companies.
  •  Experience: During the LIVE Class Brandon will walk through specific tactics you can use specifically on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn to build your brand online and create awareness around your cause or product offerings.  During your 1-on-1 Call Brandon will walk through Specific strategies for you to use on social media to achieve your goals.  While on the Group Mastermind Call everyone will give you feedback on your social media channels and we will also cross promote each others pages and products in a appropriate and professional way that will allow everyone to reach others audiences and grow organically.
  •  Walk Away With: You will get a Social Media Posting Schedule catered to you that you will be able to use during and after the program.  All LIVE Call recordings and lessons on social media will be available in the Membership area.  You will also walk away with loyal followers and friends from the mastermind group.
Week 5 
Marketing & Branding
What you put out into the world is who you are and what you stand for.  Your marketing efforts will define your brand.  Your brand is what everyone is saying about you when you aren't around.  It's how others perceive you.  There are many ways to share your message and build your brand online through Books, Blogging, Recording Video Content, Podcasting, Speaking, Networking and Putting on Events, and maybe even launching your own TV Show.  Brandon and Samantha have utilized all of these tactics while building out the Brand for Success in Your City and they are going to share with you what works and what doesn't.
  •  Learn: Brandon will share with you what works and doesn't work in marketing and building your brand.  He has launched 3 podcast shows resulting in over 400 episodes aired, has appeared as a guest on over 100 shows, has written multiple books, published over 100 blog articles, put on hundreds of events, has keynoted over 100 events, and has Produced 2 TV Shows: Ambitious Adventures on Amazon Prime, and Success in Your City which will release this year.  Brandon will share with you how to create your own show or build your own brand with any of these marketing outlets.  Together as a couple Brandon and Samantha have produced and hosted their own TV Show and have created a Brand around "Success" together and can share with you their process going from concept of show to Established brand and Emmy Awards in just 18 months. 
  •  Experience: During the LIVE Class Brandon will walk through the process of marketing and building your brand through writing, podcasting, speaking, video marketing, and hosting your own events. He will share the basics of each on how to get started and also share advanced tactics.  During your 1-on-1 Calls Brandon will focus on helping you in 1-2 of the specific areas you choose to build your brand with.  While on the Group Mastermind Call Brandon and Samantha will share their experience together building the Success in Your City brand and each member will be able to get feedback from members on their plan in marketing and building a brand.
  •  Walk Away With: All LIVE Call recordings and lessons will be available in the Membership area to watch again and review anytime.  Video Training will be available in Membership area explaining how to market and build your brand through Books, Blogging, Video Marketing, Speaking, Podcasting, Events, and having your own TV Show.
Week 6
Selling your Product & Services
Selling is important inside and outside of Business. We are always selling or persuading others to do things in our favor. If you can sell you can achieve any goal you set out for.  It is important to build your brand and influence but you also need to learn how to leverage that to sell your products and services.  Selling yourself as a person is important because people buy from people they like, trust, and know.  Brandon and Samantha will share their experience and tactics used in selling themselves and their vision for Success in Your City TV Series.
  •  Learn: Brandon has sold consumer products, tickets to events, coaching packages, masterminds, video packages, advisory roles, sponsorships, and more ranging from $1 to $25,000.  Brandon also has been given equity and stock in companies for his services and selling abilities.  He will show you how to effectively sell and the mindset necessary behind the sale.  Samantha has sold personal training packages and online training programs.  Together Brandon and Samantha have raised over $40,000 in charity in 2018 and sold over $100,000 in sponsorships for Success in Your City TV Series. They will go over with you behind the scenes of every step taken in raising the money and selling the vision of the show.
  •  Experience: During the LIVE Class Brandon and Samantha will show you the process of selling out events and masterminds in different cities, how to sell sponsorships, and how to have successful fundraisers for charity.  Brandon will show you various ways to add value in your offers through products, services, experiences, and even selling branding opportunities.  During your 1-on-1 Call Brandon will go over your current offers and give you insight on how to sell them better or add more value in the offer.  He can also work with you to create new offers to sell in your business.  While on the Group Mastermind Call each member will get feedback from the group on their product and services and how to improve them if needed.  We will also ask the members for referrals in business to help each other generate revenue.
  •  Walk Away With: You will leave this program with the confidence and tactics necessary to sell your products and services. After finishing the program you will have a new network of friends from the Success Program who will support you and refer business to you.
Awards Ceremony: June 3rd
Success Awards Ceremony
  •  Certificate of Accomplishment: All individuals who finish the 6-week program will receive a Certificate of Success recognizing them for their achievement in the program.  You must attend Mastermind Calls and 1-on-1 coaching to receive certificate. ( If you are sick or something comes up where you will miss a call we will understand. You can miss up to 1 call and still receive your certificate, but we encourage you to make every call)
  •  How the Winner is picked: The Goal of this program is to help everyone Succeed in accomplishing their goals and achieve their own version of success.  We also believe making it fun and competitive is a way to push people to reach their full potential.  We will track the performance of each individual and will pick the winner based off of their attendance on LIVE Classes, 1-on-1 Calls, and Mastermind Calls, and also the effort they put into working towards their goals. How much you help others in the group and add value to everyone is also considered in picking the winner.
  •  1st Place Winner: The Winner of the 6-week Success Challenge will win a Trophy with their name recognizing them for their achievement in the Program and they will be awarded a $1,000 Cash Prize. Prize Money will be sent by Paypal the night of Ceremony.
Daily Schedule each Week

7:00 pm - 8:00 pm LIVE Class on Facebook LIVE 

(Facebook LIVE will be inside Private Facebook Group. Brandon and/or Samantha will teach the class and you will have the chance to ask questions. All Classes are recorded and will be uploaded to the Membership area that you will have access to.)

1-on-1 30-minute Coaching Call with Brandon T. Adams

(Coaching Time Slots are 7:00 am CST - 6:00 pm CST. Your preferred time slot is picked after being accepted into program. Preference of Time Slot is first come first serve basis.)

8:00 pm - 9:30 pm CST Group Mastermind Calls

(Each week you will be on a Zoom Video call with Brandon, Samantha, and the rest of the members. Each Member will get feedback and support from group on their goals. Calls are recorded and will become available in the Membership area each week to watch)

Health & Fitness Video by Samantha Rossin posted in Facebook Group

Friday Motivation! Motivational Video posted in Facebook Group

Work towards your goals or take time for yourself - Brandon & Samantha will be available to answer questions in the Facebook Group.

Work towards your goals or take time for yourself - Brandon & Samantha will be available to answer questions in the Facebook Group.
Join the Challenge
The 6-Week Success Challenge is unlike any other program.  Samantha and Brandon have traveled the country and have learned from many versions of Success. They are ready to take what they have learned and share it with you while helping you reach your own version of Success.
Samantha & Brandon have been on the rollercoaster ride of entrepreneurship together since 2013. In 2014, they moved to Des Moines, Iowa, to start a product development company, but quickly migrated away from that business and each embarked on separate entrepreneurial ventures. 

Five years later, Brandon has become an influential podcaster, keynote speaker, crowdfunding expert and Media Expert.  He has also become an Emmy-Nominated TV Producer for the TV Show, Ambitious Adventures, which is available on Amazon Prime. 

Samantha has grown her influence in the fitness world and has become an online personal trainer. She has worked with woman to achieve their fitness goals through 1-on-1 training, group classes, and in home training programs. She has also worked with Brandon to plan Entrepreneurial and Charity events across the country in 2018. 

Brandon and Samantha spent all of 2018 Traveling the country on a mission to find the true meaning of Success. They live in 6 cities and traveled to dozens of other interviewing others about their own meaning of Success. They also filmed Season 1 of the TV Series Success in Your City which recently won an Emmy Award for the Trailer of the Show and the Shea Hillenbrand Story: Against All Odds.  The show will release this fall 2019.

Throughout these successes, Samantha & Brandon have always seen eye-to-eye on their passion and ability to help others find success in their lives. Now, with their skillset, network, team, and burning desire, they are on a mission to help you achieve your own version of Success in this 6-week program.
Season 1 Trailer of Success in Your City
Brandon & Samantha Traveled the Country in 2018 on a Mission
to Discover the Truth about Success.

Watch the Emmy Award Winning Trailer
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It's time to Achieve Your own Version of Success!
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